I’m interested in explaining differences in government effectiveness with an emphasis in developing economies. My research sheds light on organizational frictions restraining the operation of government programs and agencies. I have published and ongoing work studying such limitations in the context of public service delivery in Brazil.

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“Corrupting Learning: Evidence from Missing Federal Education Funds in Brazil” (with Claudio Ferraz and Frederico Finan), Journal of Public Economics, October 2012, Vol.96, Issues 9-10: 712-726. link


“Political Turnover, Bureaucratic Turnover, and the Quality of Public Services” (with Mitra Akhtari and Laura Trucco) link  Revise and resubmit, American Economic Review.

“Recognizing Performance: How Awards Affect Winners’ and Peers’ Performance in Brazil” link


“The Effect of Research Information on Policy Making: Evidence from Brazil” (with Jonas Hjort, Gautam Rao, Juan Santini)

“Political Turnover and Bureaucratic Disruption: Evidence from Administrative, Employer-employee Matched Data in Brazil” (with Mitra Akhtari and Laura Trucco)